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Blood & Vains

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For this single we’ve teamed up with our good friend Neil Wharram on vocals and lyrics. With Blood & Veins we return to our (trance) roots. A melancholic harmony with heavy beats and a rather euphoric theme. 

Neil Wharram
Blood & Veins is based on an acoustic tune Norman made with Neil Wharram last year. Neil is from Ramsgate (UK) but has been living in The Hague for more than 20 years now. He often visits the studio and with his pleasant and raw voice, he has sung on quite a few tracks. Since Mark and Norman are working together more often in the studio again, the idea arose to turn this track into a Big Room tune.


Hybrid baby! 
We once started with an analogue studio that produced tracks like Overkill, Phantom Mannor, etc. In the meantime, the switch to digital followed but in recent years we have been expanding again with analogue gear. For this particular track, we used analogue and virtual synths. The organ comes from the Nord Electro and the synths from the VST DUNE3, Atmosphere and Arturia VST’s. As a DAW, we use Cubase. After forays into Ableton and Fruityloops, we still swear by the grace of Steinberg.



“Writing this track with the guys was like watching musical mercury find its place… it just flowed there. A beautiful gift from the creative universe”. Neil Wharram 

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